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The Evaluation Systems group of Pearson, a business of NCS Pearson, Inc.(“Pearson”) respects your privacy. Pearson are providing you this site and its related applications and services (collectively, “Service”). The Service may be delivered to you through the Internet via your browser or app (mobile or otherwise). For purposes of this Privacy Policy “Personal Data” is any information that can be used to identify you or that when added with other Personal Data can be linked to you and includes those listed below.

This Privacy Policy discloses how we collect, protect, use and share information gathered on this Service. Your use of this Service is further subject to the terms of use (“Terms of Use“) posted on this website or app (this Privacy Policy is part of the Terms of Use).

If you have any questions or concerns about the Privacy Policy, please contact us. For information on how to contact us, see How to Contact Us below.


Pearson is under contract with certain state education agencies (“Education Agencies”) to provide teacher licensure tests and reporting services for designated teacher certification programs (“Education Programs”). Each Education Agency contracts with Pearson to provide this Site pursuant to agreed specifications. Some features of this Site may not be accessible to all users. This Privacy Policy explains Pearson’s policy with respect to the personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”) collected and managed on this Site.

Purpose of this Site

edReports is a reporting portal that provides education preparation program examinee test score data to Education Agencies and its authorized personnel and other education providers designated by an Education Agency (“Users”). The Site allows Users to: 1) review Education Program test and examinee score data; 2) analyze test results through access to the ResultsAnalyzer® reporting tool; 3) provide Education Program examinee verification and reporting to meet federal reporting requirements; and 4) securely exchange information with Pearson relative to the Education Program.

Pearson collects and uses Personal Information through this Site in accordance with, and for the purpose of fulfilling, its Education Program contract with the Education Agency for which such Personal Information is collected.


Access to the Site related to each Education Program is restricted by password to Users authorized by the Education Agency sponsoring such Education Program. Education Agencies or their designated education providers are responsible for authorizing User access to this Site, or providing Pearson with such authorized User information.

Pearson will not directly provide examinees with specific user identification or password information. No examinee access is authorized through this Site.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

You agree that by visiting and/or providing, transmitting, or having another party you have authorized provide or transmit your Personal Data to us on any of our Sites, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy and any updates made to this Privacy Policy. It is your responsibility to read this Privacy Policy and check for updates on a regular basis. By continuing to use our Site, products or services after such updates have been made you are agreeing to be bound by any changes to this Privacy Policy.

You are never required to provide us with your Personal Data. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, please do not provide, transmit or allow anyone else to provide or transmit your Personal Data to us; however, if you decide to not provide to us your Personal Data it may affect our ability to allow you to register, schedule, and take a test administered and delivered by us on behalf of the Client; or to provide to you any other products or services offered.

You agree that we may collect or receive, use, process, disclose, transfer and retain your Personal Data as described herein. This Privacy Policy governs your use of any and all of our Sites our testing services, and in purchasing ourproducts and services in general. We will use your Personal Data only for the purposes set forth herein.

As the subject of the Personal Data collected, you have rights related to the Personal Data that we hold about you.

At any time you have the right to:

You may request access, correction, or deletion of and correct the Personal Data you have submitted by logging into your account, calling our toll-free number at 1-877-460-2204, or contacting us by email at es-postmaster@pearson.com.

Upon receiving any request listed above, we may need to verify your request. In this case, we may ask you to provide additional information, including information you have previously disclosed to us, to confirm your identity. If you wish to designate an authorized agent under any law or regulation, please contact us at the toll-free number above and we will coordinate that designation. We will respond to access requests within a reasonable amount of time in accordance with state and national laws and requirements. We recognize that you may have a right to not receive discriminatory treatment by exercising any of the rights listed above.

Additionally, if you have questions or requests regarding the above, please contact us as outlined in the How to Contact Us section below.

Information Collection

User. To create a user profile in order to access the Site, a User will provide: first and last name, phone number, title/position, school/organization name and department, and email address. A User will create a password and set-up security questions.

If Pearson receives inquiries or emails about or through this Site from Users, Pearson may keep a record of the email, correspondence and comments, including the individual’s name, school/organization name and email address in order to reply to the communication, perform Site support and issue resolution and maintain business records concerning this Site.

Examinee Data Pearson uploads examinee data into the Site as authorized by the contract with the applicable Education Agency. The following information may be uploaded and maintained in this Site, as specified by the Education Agency, sponsoring the Assessment Program: examinee’s name, birthdate, social security number, gender, ethnicity, address and additional background information collected during registration. For Title II reporting purposes, Pearson may collect examinee’s name, birthdate, social security number, licensure program, educational institution affiliation, and certification route. Other demographic information may also be collected if specified by the Education Agency for the Assessment Program.

Data Categories We may collect and/or disclose to third parties the following categories of data in order to manage day to day business needs including, but not limited to, providing you with our services, performing services on behalf of a business, payment processing and financial account management, business planning and forecasting, system improvements, security and fraud prevention, and compliance with legal and regulatory obligations:

(A) Identifiers such as a real name, address, unique personal identifiers, or email address

(B) Customer records such as signature

(C) Characteristics of protected classifications under California or federal law

(D) Commercial information, such as products or services purchased, obtained, or considered

(E) Biometric information

(F) Internet or other electronic network activity information such as information regarding a consumer’s interaction with an Internet Web site, application, or advertisement

(G) Geolocation data

(H) Sensory data, such as audio, electronic, visual, or similar information

(I) Professional or employment-related information

(J) Education information

(K) Inferences about preferences, characteristics, psychological trends, preferences, predispositions, behavior, attitudes, intelligence, abilities, and aptitudes

Information Use or Disclosure

Pearson does not and will not sell your personal data. Pearson will use the data provided by Users through this Site to verify and set up a user account. Pearson will use examinee data uploaded into the Site to provide reporting services as required by its contract with Education Agencies.

Pearson may report on User activity to Education Agencies including feature use, access time and for forensic analysis in the event of a suspected security breach.

Except for the limited exceptions set forth below, Pearson will not share with, or disclose to, third parties, the names of Users, examinees or other Personal Information collected through or in connection with this Site. Pearson may, however, use or disclose Personal Information:

Non-personally identifiable aggregated information collected through this website may be used for quality assurance and for research and development and may be disclosed to third parties in non-personally identifiable form.

Security and Confidentiality

Subject to the other provisions of this Privacy Policy and contractual obligations, Pearson will take commercially reasonable steps to maintain the confidentiality of all Personal Information and student examinee data collected and managed through this Site. For example, this Site currently uses industry-standard TLS- encryption to protect user account and password information and uses a secure connection to Pearson servers, which are protected by firewalls to prevent unauthorized access. The administrative system and authentication mechanisms are protected through the use of TLS encryption of data transmitted via HTTP. As other security methodologies become commercially available, Pearson may change its current security systems processes or substitute these systems with other security systems or processes.

Precautions to be Taken by Users

User information and access to this Site is password protected for the privacy and protection of Education Agency and examinee confidential information including but not limited to personal and examinee education data. Authorized Users are urged to keep confidential all User information and passwords. If storage of this information is required, it is recommended that it be kept in a secure location. To protect data, Users should always logoff when exiting this Site and not divulge or share User identification or passwords with anyone.

Cookies and Do Not Track

The use of cookies is a common practice for Internet facing web applications. Cookies are small text files that a website transfers to your computer's browser. Cookies will provide the website with non-personally identifiable information, but does identify your computer, browser and Internet specifications. This Site uses cookies for authentication purposes.

This site does not respond to web browser "do not track" signals or comparable signals or mechanisms.

IP Addresses

An IP address is a number automatically assigned to your computer by your Internet service provider. This Site may collect IP addresses, the associated URLs, domain types, the browser type used to access the Site, the country, state and telephone area code where the users' Internet service provider's servers are located, the pages of this Site that users viewed during their visit and any search terms entered on the Site. Collection of IP addresses is for system administration purposes, to monitor the level of activity on the Site and for security reasons.

Links to Other Sites

This Site may contain links to other websites related to the Assessment Program on the Internet, which may include Education Agency sites, or other Pearson websites. The information practices of those websites are not covered by this Privacy Policy or any other policies or terms applicable to this Site. You should read the terms and policies of those other websites before supplying information to that site or otherwise using the site.

Content Ownership

The content of this Site is protected by copyrights owned by Pearson and/or its licensors and/or the applicable Education Agency.

Web Trend Information

Pearson may use a third party tool to obtain web trend information about User interaction with this Site for system administration purposes and to identify problems and improve service. While this tool would collect and report information on an anonymous basis, the tool would use cookies and collect IP addresses to gather web trend information.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use for this Site may be revised from time to time through an updated posting. Revisions will only be made and apply if consistent with and in accordance with the Education Agency agreement in place with Pearson. Authorized Users will be notified of any material changes to this Privacy Policy at login, via email or through a comparable form of notification. Unless otherwise specified, continued use of this Site following the posting and notification of such revisions or the designated effective date will indicate your acceptance of such revisions. If you have any questions or concerns about any changes, please contact es-postmaster@pearson.com.

Contact Information

If you have questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at es-postmaster@pearson.com. If you want us to respond to your comment or question, please provide your contact information in your message.

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